Welcome to Stop n Chop! The answer to how to make chopping vegetables a competitive and fun experience (maybe even a future esport?).​

In Stop N Chop you must use timing in order to chop the cucumbers and tomatoes in order to achieve the highest score while avoiding the chefs hands that become increasingly more and more difficult to avoid as you progress!

This was a solo project and my first mobile release currently available on the Google Play Store found here:

What started off as one of my university modules during the second semester of my first year turned into a fully developed and published app, the goal of this module was to solo design and develop a basic prototype for a mobile game over 10 weeks. I got to work immediately and found I had the prototype for the game finished within the first week. I decided rather than just leave it there and hand it in at the end of the module I would use the extra time to further it’s development.

Prototype during the beginning of the module
The game after deciding to keep developing over the 10 week period

During development I decided that instead of instantly failing the player if they hit the chefs hands when chopping the cucumber or using a generic life system, I decided to create a second mini game that gives the player 1 last shot at redemption, if they manage to chop all 4 tomatoes without hitting any hands the game will continue with their current score. Hitting a hand however will end the play through and log their final score.

I was very happy with how much I managed to get done especially with Stop N Chop being my first real solo project, my first mobile game developed and my first game published! While I was still only a 1st-year student with lots to learn and made many mistakes during development, I was determined to see it through and I still look back on this project and find myself proud.


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