Made for a game jam based on the theme “satisfaction“, OCDone will have you playing various Wario Ware style mini games all themed on emulating moments that bring us satisfaction! 

For this game Jam I took on the role of producer/project manager, the game jam was held at the start of my final year at university and it mixed the new 1st year students, 2nd years and 3rd years into groups.

The idea was to have 2nd years tasked with the bulk of the development while having a 1st year paired up with each 2nd year, this allows the 2nd years to practice their taught skills and allows the 1st years to get a feel for how games are made as well as act as a great ice breaker and form connections with everyone. I myself being the 3rd year were there to oversee the project and guide where possible, being the producer I helped design the project, assign roles to others based on their skills and experience, organise and maintain individual tasks as well as assist those who are struggling.

OCDone was designed to emulate some of the more satisfying things in everyday life, hosting various mini-games that are designed to give the player the most satisfying outcome. Some of the mini-games include:

  • Organising alphabet soup to form a word
  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Finding a pound coin on the floor
  • Logging into the universities submission site and it actually working
  • Having the DVD logo actually hit the corner of the screen

The games themselves are purposefully void of anything that could stop the player from completing the mini-game, while in some games the satisfaction feeling arises from the overcoming of challenge, OCDone is not about the challenge, it’s about that satisfying feeling you get from the little things in life, the times when your day is just going the way you want it to and nothing is fighting you to stop it.


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